Our COVID-19 Response

As public safety agencies continue to keep pace with the evolving information surrounding COVID-19 and its impact on communities, ThePublicHealthApp.com has created a dynamic suite of mobile app resources to help increase communication with citizens. With COVID-19 specific information from the CDC, a unique wellness checker to monitor symptoms, the ability to receive surveys or tips and customizable push notifications, your agency will have the powerful tools needed to engage your citizens where they already are - their smartphones.

Features that The Public Health App's will use to respond to COVID-19

COVID-19 Resources

Provide citizens with the latest and most accurate COVID-19 updates, straight from the CDC. This feature offers users access to the CDC social media feeds, CDC alert rebroadcasting, CDC newsletter signup, FAQs and additional local resources.

COVID-19 Wellness Checker

Control the rapid spread of COVID-19 by supplying citizens with a self assessment wellness check. App users are prompted to input physical symptoms daily to determine if additional medical attention is recommended and can share assessment results as needed.

Push Notifications

Instantly alert citizens with important, time sensitive information. Push notifications can be scheduled in advance and integrate with social media accounts so that your alerts are instantaneously shared to all of your platforms.

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ThePublicHealthApp.com is a division of OCV, LLC., the leaders in mobile app development for law enforcement, public safety, emergency management and public health agencies for over nine years. Our custom apps for iPhone and Android devices help agencies reach their citizens where they are: their smartphones. Contact us today to learn more about a custom mobile app for your agency.